Desi Ilaj Directory and Android App: Need your Help

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are building a directory of Desi Ilaj practitioners, this information would be available on Website and Android App. Our aim is to make information about desi ilaj, vaidhys,  Ayurveda acharya, bone setters, homeopathy, yoga instructors etc to everyone. In today’s world allopathy is not the only solution to diseases, there are many other solutions which have no side effects and can treat illnesses in the long run.

There is no proper information about alternate practitioners to allopathy. Even if there is information, it is very hard to find out a person is genuine or taking advantage of your illness. Our aim is to make a directory and rate the practitioners with your help. We have already compiled a list, but India is such a vast country that a lot of support is needed in completing the directory. You can provide the details of such practitioners, and we would add it to our App and display your name as well (for providing information). Please provide details by filling the form below:

> Fill Form Here

Thank you for your collaboration from Swasthya Setu.

Swasthya Setu (Holistic Healing Forum)




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